2-user testing Presentation Server licenses

Citrix has just made a 2-user developer license for Presentation Server available for anyone to download for free from MyCitrix. This is a good move on their behalf, as previously the only way to play with Presentation Server was to call a reseller to get a license that would expire every 90 days.
Written by:
Brian Madden
Publication Date:
November 13, 2006
Doc #Id: 637

This has been a long time coming. According to the CDN Blog over at CitrixCommunity.com, anyone can now create a MyCitrix account and login to download a free no-hassle, 2-user "developer" license for Citrix Presentation Server. To do so, login to MyCitrix and select "Product Previews / Beta Releases - License Retrieval" from the "My Tools" widget. You should see a "Presentation Server Dev. Edition" tab. Click on "Retrieve License" in the yellow box, and you'll see your very own license code for Presentation Server. You can then activate this and download the .LIC file to install to your license server just like any other Presentation Server license.

This is a great move on Citrix's behalf. Our licensing forum is filled with people asking where they can get test licenses for Presentation Server. The only previous way to do this was to contact a reseller. Even though Citrix is channel-focused, this was a big turn-off for a lot of people. Of course the 2-user free edition of Presentation Server is not sufficient for "real" testing, but serious Citrix customers can still contact a reseller to get a 99-user, 90-day eval license. But I think that Citrix understands this. In addition to the "developer" community for which the 2-user free developer version is named, I think that this 2-user version will also be popular with hobbyists, tire kickers, and people who want to play with Presentation Server at home. Of course since it doesn't expire every 90 days, it can also be used by people at home who want to learn Presentation Server and get to be Citrix certified, and that's certainly not a bad thing.